Sushi Night

On Friday, we had a fantastic sushi night with our friends M&M. Let me explain. We LOVE sushi, all of us, even the kiddos…maybe that should be especially the kiddos. Going out for sushi is always a special treat, I mean it is really expensive, especially with 4 of us. ¬†We found that we can make sushi at home. Yes, I said we make it at home.

The first and most important rule when making sushi at home is getting good quality fish. We ALWAYS buy our fish for sushi at Coastal Seafoods ( in Minneapolis. The second rule, and nearly as important, is to get to know your fish monger. We have one particular fish monger that we love. We always ask for him by name. My strategy for buying fish is to go in to Coastal and ask our fish monger and say “What do I want today?” He tells me what is good and what to avoid. I always go with his recommendations.

The third rule is to have fun. Try new things and be creative. If it looks ugly, eat your mistakes. Nothing wrong with that.

The grouper from Coastal was beautiful (and delicious, just as we were told it would be). We also had some beautiful fatty orange marlin, yum, and some salmon. We also added some wild caught crab. For other ingredients, we used nori, sushi rice, avocados, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, red bell pepper, siracha mayo, wasabi and green onion. Of course I used my gluten free soy sauce, it was nummy and I didn’t feel like anything was missing. The boys did a taste test and preferred the regular stuff. But hey, if it means I get soy sauce, I will take the gluten free.

Some of our Rolls

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