Car Pillow Tutorial

I was looking around the interwebs for some type of pillow to make for my kids to use when we go on our upcoming road trip. I found pillows I could purchase, but I wanted to sew one. Since I could find a pattern, I came up with my own. I decided I would share it with you. I made two different sizes of these (adult and child) since my DH said he wanted one, too.

I found the super soft minky fabric at JoAnn’s as a remnant. It was regularly 14.99/yd but because it was on sale, and a remnant, I got it for only 4.99/yard. I thought about making a baby blanket, but these pillow were the perfect use. The backing fabric is all stuff I had laying around. Extra pieces from a dress, a costume and a quilt.

Here’s what you need:

1 piece soft fabric (8 1/2 x 11 for small size; 12 x 18 for larger size)
1 piece backing fabric (same size as soft)
1 piece of backing fabric 8 1/2 x 11 (same for both sizes)


Start with the 8 1/2 x 11 backing fabric. Fold in half and iron. Sew the seams leaving an opening to turn. Press again. Top stitch around the edges.



Fold into thirds and iron.





Next add velcro. Make sure to put it so that it will meet up when you wrap it around the seat belt. I put mine so that the loop part would touch the skin if it were to not line up right.


Next take your soft fabric and your backing fabric. Sew your velcro piece to the middle of the backing (on the right side). Place at an angle (approximately 45 degrees).  Sew the backing fabric and the soft fabric together right sides together, leaving room to turn.  Turn.




Now stuff with poly-fil. Make sure to push it down into the corners. Add enough fill for a firm, yet comfortable pillow.  Hand sew opening.




Ta Da! Not the most beautiful pillow, but definitely functional! I made one of these for each of the kiddos and the bigger one is for the grown ups. Can’t wait to use them on our upcoming road trip.

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