Recapping the Weekend

It is Monday. But this week, that isn’t a bad thing. Monday mornings can be the most difficult at our house, but not this week. Both kids did a great job getting up and going this morning…perhaps it was the lure of being able to wear PJs to daycare (no school today). Whatever it was, I don’t want to curse it, that’s for sure.

Recapping our weekend. Friday was a BUSY day! After getting the kiddos to daycare and hubby to work (we left the van there Thursday, as we had a lovely date night, more on that later), I headed to see my neurologist for my headaches. While she offered me more medications, I declined them. I am happy with the progress my physical therapist is making and don’t really want to be on any meds. Overall, it was a good visit; my next visit with her is 6 months. I will keep seeing Mark, my physical therapist as long as need be and I will continue receiving Botox injections (yay! get those next week!).

Next up, I drove to south Minneapolis to A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop (42nd and 28th).

Amazingness! I got an assortment of amazing yumminess. My favorite was the cherry danish. I also picked up a coffee cake and delivered it to Brent at work. It was a hit! According to the reviews, they have the best cake donuts and my friend B says their cinnamon rolls are to die for. I guess that means we have to go back. Just a note, if you are planning on stopping by, bring a check or cash, they don’t take plastic.

After my bakery pitstop, I headed to my ENT appointment. I have been having pain in my right ear for about a week. I thought for sure I had another ear infection/fluid or something wrong. Turns out my hearing has improved since my last visit 3 weeks ago and my ear looks great. Why the pain? Myofacial pain. TMD. I have had TMD for years, and this is the first time my ears have hurt. As a dentist, I feel kind of stupid rushing to the ENT to find out I have a flare up of my TMD, but I am happy that I don’t need tubes in my ears.

I did a little shopping after my appointment. I fell in love with the lilac scented wallflowers from Bath and Body Works. I got 2 of them, one for the living room and one for the dining room. They are wonderful. I love the smell I am greeted with when I open the door. I also got a new door knob for the front door.

After shopping I headed home and installed said door knob. Yep, did it all by myself. Then I stopped by our daycare provider’s house to pay her for the week and visited for a few minutes. I LOVE our daycare provider. Anyway, after visiting with A, I booked it to the school for Kiddo 1’s music concert. I tried to take some video, but it was difficult. I will have to see how it turned out and figure out if I can edit it 🙂 The best expression in the world is when he saw that I was there. I have never seen him SO excited!

We ended our afternoon with a doctor’s appointment for kiddo 1. He has a mole on his chin that catches on things. It looks like we will be seeing a pediatric specialist to have it removed. That won’t be until we are home from our road trip.

Saturday was another busy day. Snorkeling lessons at Aquaventure in Osseo (they did a fantastic idea), an afternoon with M&M, dinner out and the North Star Roller Girls Roller Derby. Little Miss E has decided she wants to do roller derby. I think we better start with getting her onto roller skates, huh? It was a ton of fun reading the names of the team members. “Joan of Snark” “Gal Gazeera” “Crash Mama” and SO many more. Our friend B even came up with Kiddo 2’s roller derby name, though. ‘Ell on Wheels.

'Ell on Wheels

Sunday we finally had a lovely lazy morning, followed by returning the freezer we bought last weekend (and didn’t need), and then shopping for a new swimsuit. I HATE shopping for swimsuits. I shouldn’t, but it is worse than just about anything.  Anyway, we ended up at the Mall of America and I fell completely in love with the store Bettie Page Clothing (check them out online at I found a suit that I am happy with. Brent approved. I also discovered a new found love of vintage clothing.

All in all it was a good weekend.


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I am a mother of two, wife and professional. I work; I sew; I do crafts; I cook; I support my family; I race; I live. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Headaches and I refuse to let them control my life. I live my life to the fullest and try to find ways to enjoy it as much as possible. I am living with a plethora of food sensitivities. But I am living life. I am enjoying life.
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