Baby Shower Success!

On Sunday, my DH and I hosted a baby shower for our new nephew B. His mom and dad were showered with love and gifts from both sides of New Daddy’s family.

I decided to host a sports themed party. From the invitation, to the food, to the cake topper, it was all sports themed. Had I know just how warm our spring was going to be, we would have done Baby Bottle Bowling for an activity, but it is March in Minnesota, who would have thought it would be in the mid sixties????

Here are some of what we did:

Here is the invite. I created it using photoshop & some free clip art. My goal was to make it look like a ticket for a sporting event, I think it turned out pretty good. I was able to print 3 of them on one piece of card stock, so it worked out quite well.






Great Grandma holding her newest Great-grandson. What a special moment!

Here is the diaper cake I made. 111 diapers. I made it following an online tutorial. I rolled each diaper up and secured it with a rubber band. I then arranged them into circles and tied the outside with ribbon. After stacking the three “layers” of the cake, I added some decorations. I attached the decorations with large safety pins. I could have easily added a lot more decorations, but I liked the more simple look that I achieved here.

For food we had homemade soft pretzels. I followed the Alton Brown recipe on I made 5 dipping sauces for the pretzels: Sweet mustard (mayo, mustard, honey, dill, garlic and onion); Spicy mayo (hot sauce, mayo, whole grain mustard); 2 raspberry mustard sauces (with and without wasabi) and cheese sauce.

I also made homemade cracker jacks (super easy, though time consuming; well worth the effort). We had sundaes for dessert (since the cake was made out of diapers).

The game we played was what’s in the bag. I purchased 11 small items you would use for babies and put them in brown paper bags. We passed the bags around and had each person guess what was in them. Some were easy (like the jars of baby food) and some were hard (like the box of q-tips). Overall it was a fun game and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, plus New Mommy and New Daddy got some great items to help with Baby B!

I am happy to have the shower done, but looking forward to hosting another party…April 13, I am hosting a Pampered Chef Party!

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