30 Days of Lists: Day 1

I have seen several bloggers that have done 30 day challenges. 30 days of dresses; 30 days of dresses; you name it, there is a 30 day challenge including 3o days of lists. I am not doing anything new. I have looked at other blogs for ideas, but have decided to make a combination of others’ ideas and some of my own. Stay tuned and see what I come up with.

30 Days of Lists: Day 1
Comfort Foods.

1. Bread. There is nothing as comforting as fresh homemade bread. Growing up, we didn’t have much money. My mom used to make homemade bread for our family. That smell and the flavor brings me home and wraps me in my mom’s love. Even better than baked bread are fry-doughs. Bread dough that has been deep friend. I prefer mine with just butter, but DH likes his with cinnamon and sugar.

2. Pot Roast.  We often had roast growing up and I still make it. Roast is best when slow cooked with potatoes, onion and carrots; just like Mom made it.

3. Chicken and Dumplings. I never appreciated chicken and dumplings when my mom made it growing up. I miss it. I have never figured out how to make it like mom, maybe I can convince her to teach me.

4. Fried Egg Sandwich. Another favorite of my mom. I remember being in kindergarten and staying in bed until after the other “big” kids left for school. This meant that Mom would cook me an egg sandwich. If I got up while the big kids were still home, I had to have whatever Mom made them for breakfast (yes, Mom made us hot breakfast every morning).

5. Pasta. My dad never really liked pasta, so it was always a special treat. I am still content to eat a bowl of noodles with a little butter…mmmm…

6. Creamed Corn. My Aunt Amy used to make this lovely oven baked creamed corn made with heavy whipping cream. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. I wish I had that recipe. My friend M says she has a similar recipe, I hope it is the same.

7. Beef stew. Aunt Amy didn’t cook a whole lot, but when she did it was always delicious. She made this beef stew with a rich brown gravy that simmered in the oven for hours and filled her entire house with it’s lovely, comforting aroma.

8. Meatloaf. It is one of those things that Mom made and I make it fairly regularly for my family. To be delicious, meatloaf needs to have a gravy, unless of course it is my chili relleno meatloaf, but that is another blog.

9. Donuts. I know that technically donuts are bread, but donuts hold an extra special place in my heart (and stomach). I remember stopping by the small bakery in Aitkin and getting delicious little raspberry bismarks after visiting my orthodontist. I also remember getting “Texas” sized donuts at the grocery store in Brainerd. They were a special treat. Continuing the donut as comfort food tradition, when DH and I were dating, my mom managed a bakery. Guess what I brought him? On our recent trip to Florida, we stopped in St. Louis for donuts. My kiddos have a love for donuts just like me.

10. Corned Beef Hash. What isn’t to love? You have potatoes. You have corned beef. You have eggs.



Tomorrow’s list: Pet Peeves

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