30 days of lists: day 2

Okay, so today’s list is Pet Peeves.


1. People who don’t use cruise control. I understand that not all cars have cruise control or cruise that works (We hand an Audi for 6 years), but if you have it, use it!!

2. Cereal bowls that don’t get rinsed out, especially oatmeal. My kiddos are great at this one.

3. Seeing people who wear their pants around their knees. Pull up your pants.

4. Overcooked pasta. There are few foods worse than mushy pasta, except burnt chili.

5. People who say “No offense, but I hate dentists.” Of course it is offensive. I am a dentist. Try saying “I really don’t like going to the dentist.”

6. No garbage bag in the trash can. Pretty self explanatory.

7. People who talk out of their asses. You know what I mean. They say things that they really have no clue about, usually just trying to be inflammatory.

8. No toilet paper on the roll. Another self explanatory one.

9. Cereal bags/boxes that are left open. Another one that the kiddos are good at.
I think I will leave this list with 9.

Tomorrow’s list: Things I love about my DH.


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I am a mother of two, wife and professional. I work; I sew; I do crafts; I cook; I support my family; I race; I live. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Headaches and I refuse to let them control my life. I live my life to the fullest and try to find ways to enjoy it as much as possible. I am living with a plethora of food sensitivities. But I am living life. I am enjoying life.
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