30 days of lists: Day 3

30 Days of Lists: Day 3
Things I love about my DH

So often I think of the things that my DH does that annoy me. Today, I am focusing on the things I love about my DH. This is an easy list to write and a fun one, too. I hope you read this honey and realize just how much I love you.

1. Your smile. Braces or no braces, crooked teeth or straight, you have a beautiful smile that lights up your whole face.

2. How you comfort me. When I feel like crap, which has been too often in the last 2 years, you are always there for me and doing whatever you can to try to make me feel better.

3. The patience you have. You are the most patient person I know. You are amazing with the kids and such a great teacher.

4. Your enthusiasm. You are so enthusiastic about things and that is so fun to see. I love when you are excited about something and can’t wait to tell me about it.

5. Your understanding. You are so understanding and compassionate.

6. That you are my rock. When times are tough or I am stressed beyond stress, you are my rock. You are so solid and always there for me to hang on to.

7. Your sense of humor. I love the way you make me laugh.

8. Your laugh. I love hearing you laugh.

It is actually hard to put into words all the things I love about you. But I think this is a good start. I love you honey. Thank you for being my rock.

Tomorrow’s list: Places I’d like to visit

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