30 days of lists: Day 6

Day 6 of my 30 day challenge. So far, so good. Today’s list: Things I love about kiddo 2.

1. Kiddo 2 has a smile that can light up a dark room. She has such a bright smile. I love how it reaches her eyes.

2. Speaking of eyes. I love her twinkle. You see Miss Belle has the most unique and beautiful eye. In her left eye, there is a small area that is green, whereas the rest is brown.

3. Her laugh. When Belle truly laughs she sounds just like Boo from Monsters Inc.

4. Her gentle nature. When I don’t feel good, she will ask me “Momma, do you want me to snuggle with you.” Even when I just want to be alone, I can’t say no.

5. Her halo. Some days it seems that Belle has a halo. If Bug is being particularly feisty, then almost as if on command, she becomes a perfect angel. It annoys me, but I love it just the same.

6. Her love for the outdoors. She reminds me of myself in some ways. She loves to go fishing with Grandpa. She made sure that I remembered her fishing shirt when we went to Florida. “You know, Mom. The one that says ‘some girls play with dolls, but real girls go fishing.’ It is my favorite.”

7. Her fearlessness. She touches fish, frogs, bugs, live shrimp. You name and she isn’t afraid of it. In fact in the Keys, when I was filleting fish, she was right there checking out everything.

8. The fact that she wants to help. Sometimes to a fault. But she is her momma’s girl.

9. I love that she loves brussels sprouts. This little girl knows what she likes, and has good tastes if I don’t say so myself. Oh, she loves scallops and sushi, too.

10. I love the ways she mispronounces spaghetti “ps-ghetti” and sushi “shu-shi.” And all of the other words she says like no one else can.

Tomorrow’s list: Things that Scare me

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