30 Days of Lists: Day 9

Day 9, already. Wow. Today: Foods that I would like to learn to cook (and cook well).

1. Gnocchi. Our family loves Gnocchi, and I would love to learn to cook it.

2. Homemade root beer. I want to try it, from scratch. No artificially flavored mix here.

3. Chile Rellenos. I have tried and tried, but never been successful.

4. The perfect chocolate chip cookie. I am not necessarily a fan, but my DH loves them. I want to perfect them for him.

5. Homemade donuts.

6. Ceviche. I love it and would love to make it myself.

7. The perfect pie crust. I make decent crust, but would love to make the perfect tender, flaky crust.

I am sure there are a billion other things. But this is a good start.

Tomorrow’s list: If I won the lottery

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I am a mother of two, wife and professional. I work; I sew; I do crafts; I cook; I support my family; I race; I live. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Headaches and I refuse to let them control my life. I live my life to the fullest and try to find ways to enjoy it as much as possible. I am living with a plethora of food sensitivities. But I am living life. I am enjoying life.
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