How to shrink a pdf-Using the Preview application

As the Tonneau editor, I now get to post PDFs of the Land O’ Lakes Region of the SCCA’s newsletter. I create these in Pages. I absolutely love Pages for putting together these newsletters. Pages is so intuitive and simple to use, plus, I have gotten some pretty nice results. Check out the newsletters for April and May.

I am going to walk you thru the absolute easiest way is to save the pdf from Pages. This is quite simple. Print. In the lower right corner of the print dialog box, there is a PDF button. Select this and click on Save as PDF.









Now you have a PDF, but the file size is fairly large, especially considering some people will be opening this with their mobile phones. Want to shrink it? It is actually quite easy. Open the PDF using your Mac’s Preview application.


Once you have the PDF opened in preview, go to File: Save As.

There is a button called “Quartz Filter.” Click on this and select reduce file size. That’s it!

The “Quartz Filter” also gives you the option of converting the PDF to grayscale or black and white (I use grayscale for our printed Tonneau).

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