MN state fair

Today we are at the Minnesota State Fair with our friends M, M, and W. We all put a certain amount of cash into a pool and buy one of the foods we like, and share. It is great to get a bite of everything without getting stuffed and hating ourselves.

Up first, Poutine. French fries, gravy and fresh cheese curds.
Peppery Gravy, not the same as we had in Canada, but yummy.

Turkey to go Sandwich


Delicious as always.

Mashed fried sweet potatoes with chocolate.
Not our favorite. Mrs. M. thought they were tasty.

Scotch egg, a classic, but nothing special.

Pronto pup, a classic, always delicious.

Deep fried banana split
Deep fried banana with ice cream and toppings. Very yummy.

Mini donuts
Another classic. One of Miss E’s Favorite

Miss E modeling the mini donuts 🙂

Sweet corn ice cream.

Mr. N modeling the sweet corn ice cream

Luigi fries with free Luigi ice
Cheesy bread sticks and Marinara. With a coupon from the Blue Ribbon Bargain Book we got a free icy, mango flavored. It was tasty.

Luigi Fries

Crepe triple berry and cream cheese
One of those treats we enjoy every year. Oops, forgot the photo.

Spring Grove Soda
Black cherry and Rhuberry. Black cherry is always a favorite, the Rhuberry didn’t compare.

Garlic fries
Lovely garlicky goodness. Always a favorite.

Great balls of fire
Cool cucumber sauce
Thai peanut sauce
Blazin’ raspberry sauce.
Nummy but not false advertising, these are SPICY

Corn fritters with honey butter
Oops, no photo 🙁

Red velvet funnel cake
Nothing special

Cinnie smiths cinniminis
Always a favorite. Again, no photo..

Frozen chocolate dipped banana
Miss E’s favorite…she had it down before I could get a photo.

Homemade strawberry John Deere ice cream
Almost as good as homemade

Ragin’ ankles
Sweet and spicy. Awesome.

Famous Dave’s Ragin’ Ankles

Pig lickers
Chocolate plus bacon, I don’t think I need to say more.

Ole’s cannoli
Not worth the $

Deep fried pickles.
Sampler, three kinds of deliciousness

Pizza on a stick
A surprisingly flavorful treat

Sweet Martha’s cookies
A state fair classic

Bacon ice cream
Mr. N’s favorite

Our keys to a successful day:
1. Sunblock. No one has fun when they get sunburnt.

2. Stroller/bike trailer. Even though N and E are 7 and 9, the trailer is awesome! We hook it to the motorized scooter that M rents.

3. Bring your own water. We brought 3 gallons of water with ice in the coolers. We drank over 4 gallons of water. Note to self for next year, freeze a block of water, it will last longer. This year I put a sliced lemon in the jug, made it super refreshing!

4. Go as a group and have fun!



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