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Ground Cherry Jam

Today, among many other projects I made ground cherry jam. My DH LOVES ground cherry jam. His Grandma used to make it all the time, so it brings back wonderful childhood memories. Ground cherries remind me of little tomatillos. Here … Continue reading

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Gotta Vent…school lunches

Federal mandates have changed and kids are being “forced” to take fruits and vegetables at lunch or pay a la carte prices. The portions of fruits and vegetables have increased while carbs and protein has decreased. There is also now … Continue reading

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Meet Rusty

Our family grew by one last night. We adopted a beautiful 1.5 year old male Australian Cattle Dog mix, who we have named Rusty. All of the animals we have shared out home with, except the unwelcome ones (mice), have … Continue reading

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Back to school…week 1

We had quite the back to school experience. First off, we are in a new school district and at new schools. That is always going to be an experience in itself. We went to open house, met N & E’s … Continue reading

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