Ground Cherry Jam

Today, among many other projects I made ground cherry jam. My DH LOVES ground cherry jam. His Grandma used to make it all the time, so it brings back wonderful childhood memories.

Ground cherries remind me of little tomatillos. Here is the link to the wikipedia page about ground cherries. I am thinking next time I get ahold of some I want to try putting them into scones.

Taking the papers off of the ground cherries is the most time consuming part of the whole process. Little Miss E helped, for the price of a few ground cherries, of course. Mr. N doesn’t care for them raw, lets see if he appreciates the jam. I used this recipe¬†from the blog A Year in the Heritage Gardens. I also didn’t mash the ground cherries…I started to, but then realized I have an immersion blender and I know how to use it.

Tonight, I had toast with some of the left over jam on it…delish! I think I could have gotten away with only 1 box of pectin, though…it is rather stiff, but that is my only complaint, so I would say that I am doing good for my first jam making adventure. I am thinking of trying some orange marmalade next. I also found recipes to make wine jelly…I am thinking that might make a lovely gift.

Other projects today included Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake. I think it turned out good. N said it was very filling, but he liked it. E wasn’t a fan and had yogurt instead. I made lasagna for supper…no boil noodles were fail. But, I think I have the start of a delicious pot of Lasagna Soup. I don’t think it is usually made from actual lasagna…but whatever works, right.

On top of that, I ran a bunch of errand and made the most adorable baby bib. I will post photos of that after the baby shower I am going to next Saturday. I might even make a tutorial.

Well, I am almost falling asleep at the computer, so good night all.



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