Product Review: the furminator

Rusty began shedding his undercoat last week. Wow! He sure is shedding a lot. I read on some forums when we first got him that ACDs tend to shed a lot twice a year. A lot is an understatement. I was shocked when I swept the floor and picked up enough fur to create a small version of Rusty.

I was sick of my pants looking like this:


We were out and about and stopped at our local friendly hardware store. The young man who helped me stated that although they were expensive ($40), they were worth every penny. I figured with a money back guarantee, why not? The cashier commented that she also thought it was well worth the expense. Furminator in hand we headed home to see how well it worked.

Rusty was less than enthusiastic about being brushed, but soon got over it. Cookies are a great motivator.

Thus is the amount of fur that we got out/off in one session. The first session we got even more (close to double). Rusty seems to not mind it as much and there is no longer enough fur to recreate our dog on the kitchen floor.

I give the furminator an A+. It is easy to use and holds up to its promise to reduce shedding.



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