Moby Wrap

You’ve probably seen people walking around with their babies seemingly tied to their bodies. I know I have. I remember when my kids were little having a sling that I could put them into. I loved it! I had them close, was able to discretely nurse and was still able to accomplish other tasks (if I so desired). Step forward several years and Moby Wraps are now available mainstream. (

Why do I care? My baby is almost 8 years old. Eight. I digress. My DH and I babysat our adorable nephew B this weekend. B has a tendency to want Auntie and to want to be held (perhaps N & E are too in his face). I decided to buy a back pack (had one with my kiddos and loved it). The problem was I didn’t want to spend $200 or more for something that would probably only get used for one weekend. Instead, I ended up with a Moby Wrap.

Once I figured out how to put the thing on, B and I both loved it. DH even used it for a while. Instructions were easy to find on the internet: ( and there are some fab YouTube videos out there. Unfortunately, the box was terribly lacking in directions. Thank God for smart phones!

Well, that is my review of Moby Wraps. LOVED IT! I will be keeping this around for when I have B in the future (at least until he is too big).




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