Fugal Friday

I’m going to try to share tips and frugal finds each week (TRY). No matter what, we all (well, almost all) like to save money. Whether it’s a fantastic thrift store find or something that you can make yourself it save some cash, Fridays are the day to be frugal.

At my local Goodwill store, Thursday is Toddler Thursday with 50% off all kids clothes and toys. The kiddos and I were at Aldi which is next door, so we had to stop in. Am I ever glad we did! We got several phenomenal finds:

3 pairs of jeans for Miss E…she is growing like a weed! 1.99 each-all are Old Navy
2 adorable shirts for her, as well
2 Starter Hoodies for my Bug only 1.99 each!
3 pairs of dress pants for me…yes that is a pair of Ann Taylor dress pants that I paid 6.99 for 🙂



An awesome star fish lamp for the playroom (it’s going to have a beachy theme) only 5.99
Plus some books ($0.15 each)


Don’t you just love the photo bomb?

But the best deal:
A Janome sewing machine for the kiddos…only 9.99
It’s an older model, but works great. Miss E has already been using it! She loves it.


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