On our trip to Quigley, we spent a day in the Badlands of South Dakota. As a kid we sent a week every summer camping on the Conata Basin. My parents actually spend their honeymoon camping and shooting prairie dogs in South Dakota. Our week on the “Prairie” was something we looked forward to all year long. Some of the people that we camped with out there are life long friends.


I was so excited to take the kids to see this amazing part of our country. We first visited the  Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. As a kid, I never knew about all the missiles just miles from where we camped. I asked my mom, she said they had no idea about it either. We weren’t able to do the tour of the actual missile tower as they were full long before we got there, however the museum/interpretive center was incredibly interesting. I found it very interesting how close we were to a nuclear war and how it was averted.


After we left the Missile site we headed into the Badlands National Park. We drove though the park. We stopped at several of the lookouts and did some hiking. It was fun to see how endless the badlands seem to extend. I highly recommend the Badlands. In fact, I cannot wait to go back and do a longer hike, but we were on our way to our friends’ house in the Black Hills and didn’t have a ton of time.

IMG_0005.JPGThe coolest thing—all of these photos were taken using my new iPhone 6!!

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