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I love my essential oils. I have been working hard at replacing many of the health and beauty products we buy with ones that we make. I finally decided to take on lip balm. I bought 50 of the cute little lip balm tubes off of the internet quite a while ago. They have been sitting in the closet patiently waiting for me to decide what to do with them. It is easier that I thought it would be.

I spent some time yesterday morning sipping the coffee DH made me before he left for work and searching Pinterest for ideas. My favorite lip balm ideas are this recipe from Rambly blog. I guess I need to find some clear labels.

My sweet Belle helped me.

Lessons learned:
1. The plastic one cup Pampered Chef measuring cup does not make an acceptable double boiler…it melts :(. I had that measuring cup for a long time, in fact when we first got it our lab mix Bailey chewed the handle off, but yet we kept it. Now, I believe that its usefulness is gone and it shall be recycled. Boo.

2. A plastic pipette works great for filling the tubes. It just takes a long time. But it works well and there wasn’t a ton of lip balm all over my countertop.

Weighing the ingredients

Weighing the ingredients


Modified from Rambly Blog

Lots of Love
1 1/2 oz beeswax pastilles
2 TB sweet almond oil
1 tsp. Vitamin E oil
2 TB cocoa butter
2 TB shea butter
2 TB coconut oil
15 drops spearmint essential oil (use more if desired, this gives a gentle mint scent) I used Young Living
Lip Balm Tubes or Tins



Heat all but the essential oil in a double boiler until the beeswax is melted.


Once melted add in the essential oil and stir well. Using a plastic pipette (or small funnel) fill lip balm tubes. Add caps and place in refrigerator to solidify.


Love this stuff! It is so moisturizing. I love the smooth feel it give my lips. I rubbed a little of the extra into my hands, it makes a great lotion as well. I am thinking that these may be great sticks for using on dry skin.


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