Quigley 2015 Recap

On June 20 and 21 my hubby and I competed in the 24th Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match in Forsyth, Montana.

Brent, the kids and I arrived on Tuesday mid afternoon after spending a long weekend (that was far too short) in the Black Hills.

We practiced some, but probably not enough-I guess that shows in our scores (very similar to last year). Our group consisted of Brent, Dad and myself, our three friends from Kentucky who were there (Mark, Mike and Barry) and a gentleman we met from North Carolina (Randy). It was a great group to shoot with.

Brent and I used our new spotting scope from Cabela’s. It is a Vortex Viper. What a difference from the low quality optics we were using last summer. The targets were crystal clear except for the mirage. IMG_5521

We started out on Target 3-the square. And progressed to the off hand. As one might expect, the off hand target gave us the most grief. I guess we might have been better served had we actually practiced more throughout the year. I hit one, which is always minimal goal on the off hand. Brent clanged the bucket twice and I think dad managed 4. Not too bad all in all.

When all was done and the numbers tabulated, Brent ended up with 28, I got 26 and Dad finished with a respectable 24. Brent and I finished in 6th on the Husband-Wife competition and Dad and I finished 11th in the Father-Daughter match. Belle’s friend Lizzie finished first in Small Fry. Seeing her reaction and watching her run up was priceless. She lit up the awards ceremony.

We are already planning our trip out for next year, the 25th anniversary. Both kids want to shoot, so a new gun is likely in our future…probably a 40/65.

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