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DIY Foaming Handsoap

As I said before, i have been working hard to replace some of the basic items we use in our home with homemade versions. I love my essential oils and love removing some of the crazy ingredients. I am not … Continue reading

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Making Lip Balm

I love my essential oils. I have been working hard at replacing many of the health and beauty products we buy with ones that we make. I finally decided to take on lip balm. I bought 50 of the cute … Continue reading

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Amazon reviews 

My friend Julie recently posted on Facebook about all the free and nearly free things she gets in exchange for her honest and unbiased reviews. I was intrigued. After some advice from Julie I signed up on a couple different … Continue reading

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Time for a change

I stepped on the Wii fit last night…EEKKK! It’s been well over a year…the scary thing is in those 500 days I have gained 25 pounds…holy shit!!! I guess I knew I had gained it, but to see that number … Continue reading

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Heart ache

My heart is aching for my friend who recently lost her mother. There are no words that we can ever share that make it better, nothing that we can say to ease the pain. I know this. Having lost my … Continue reading

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Where in the world…

Where in the world have I been? I just realized it has been over 2 months since I wrote a blog post. What the heck? 2 Trips to the Emergency Room, 3 Days in Children’s hospital, 2 strep tests, a … Continue reading

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Plank challenge cancelled

It’s over. I started having back spasms and that is a sure sign for me to take it easy and planks are anything but easy. I don’t think the planks are the reason, however no more…at least for a while.

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My next 30 Day Challenge

2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right? That is my track record on 30 Day Challenges…For May I am going to try it again. Yes, I know May has 31 days, but I saw this on FB and I don’t … Continue reading

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Don’t eat the peas

If you are ever looking thru my upstairs freezer and see the peas…don’t eat the peas. Unless of course, they are the steamable kind, those are the only type we usually eat around here. The peas in the freezer have … Continue reading

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Here we go

Thanks to my friend Ms. Giggles, here I am. I have tried blogging before, with some success, but my biggest issue has been dealing with mechanics of it. The site I was using was NOT user friendly. Ms. Giggles has … Continue reading

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