Quigley 2015 Recap

On June 20 and 21 my hubby and I competed in the 24th Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match in Forsyth, Montana.

Brent, the kids and I arrived on Tuesday mid afternoon after spending a long weekend (that was far too short) in the Black Hills.

We practiced some, but probably not enough-I guess that shows in our scores (very similar to last year). Our group consisted of Brent, Dad and myself, our three friends from Kentucky who were there (Mark, Mike and Barry) and a gentleman we met from North Carolina (Randy). It was a great group to shoot with.

Brent and I used our new spotting scope from Cabela’s. It is a Vortex Viper. What a difference from the low quality optics we were using last summer. The targets were crystal clear except for the mirage. IMG_5521

We started out on Target 3-the square. And progressed to the off hand. As one might expect, the off hand target gave us the most grief. I guess we might have been better served had we actually practiced more throughout the year. I hit one, which is always minimal goal on the off hand. Brent clanged the bucket twice and I think dad managed 4. Not too bad all in all.

When all was done and the numbers tabulated, Brent ended up with 28, I got 26 and Dad finished with a respectable 24. Brent and I finished in 6th on the Husband-Wife competition and Dad and I finished 11th in the Father-Daughter match. Belle’s friend Lizzie finished first in Small Fry. Seeing her reaction and watching her run up was priceless. She lit up the awards ceremony.

We are already planning our trip out for next year, the 25th anniversary. Both kids want to shoot, so a new gun is likely in our future…probably a 40/65.

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Last night we made ricotta gnocchi. All I can say is wow! It was so quick and easy! Much faster than potato gnocchi-which mind you I have only made once, so I am not writing it off. But at 7:30 when the troops are “starving” time is of the essence. I followed this recipe from Grow A Good Life. The directions are clear, plus probably some of the best instructions on using a gnocchi board, which Belle and I did. She did a lot of them, and did an awesome job, too! This is the gnocchi board I bought off of Amazon, so simple, yet so  perfect. I love that it is easy to old and really pretty easy to clean. I was concerned about that.

I made a quick brown butter garlic sauce and we had chicken and a cucumber salad with the gnocchi.

Don’t be afraid of gnocchi, it is probably the easiest pasta you will ever make.

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My Cow

Wow, It seems that I have completely forgotten about this blog…well, it is my goal to get back at it.

We just-well two weeks ago, got home from a trip to the Black Hills and the Quigley Shoot in Eastern Montana. It was an awesome vacation and I will share some of our adventures later.

Today I am going to share the travel game that we played…My Cow


What is My Cow you ask? Well, it is a fun road trip game. Epic in fact.

The rules can be as simple as counting the cows you see, however we played with a more complex set of rules.

My Cow This claim is made when you see a cow (or herd of cows) you say “My Cow.” That herd now belongs to you. Each herd counts as one My Cow regardless of the size of the herd.  No one else can claim the herd. We played that buffalo counted as a cow

No Cow This call is used when some one attempts to claim a horse, fuel barrel or other non-cow. Others in the car shall verify whether said object is a cow or not.

Kill your cows This is played when you see a cemetery. Only the person who calls “Kill your cows” is safe. Everyone else looses all of their cows.

Marry my cows This is played when a church is within view. The person calling “Marry my cows” immediately doubles the number of My Cows they have. Cows have no sanctity of marriage and therefore can marry repeatedly. There is no limit on the number of cow marriages.

Eat my cows  This is used when the Golden Arches of a McDonalds come into view. The person claiming this cashes in all of their herds/cows for ONE beef patty.  Much like real life, the patties are indestructible, and cannot be destroyed. Only the first person who calls “Eat my cows” can collect a patty.

Patty my cow This occurs when someone has collected a total of 50 My Cows.

So, what is the point of this game? The goal is to amass the greatest quantity of patties during the road trip. If there is a tie in the number of patties, the tie breaker is the number of cows.

So, who won on our trip? My hubby and I tied, each with a total of 11 patties and no cows, our sweet little E killed all our cows…


Hope you enjoy.

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iPhone 6

Yep, I went and upgraded my phone. I have had the iPhone 5 for almost two years and love it. My hubby wanted to upgrade is iPhone 4, but because I used his available upgrade two years ago, he wasn’t able to upgrade yet. The solution was for me to upgrade and give him my iPhone 5. Works for me.

I am loving it…it is definitely bigger than my iPhone 5. I ordered an otter box off of Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N1AG72G?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00). With my iPhone 5, I learned that an Otter Box would protect the screen…I had to replace it last year when I dropped it at Home Depot… For me, a durable case is a MUST!

The biggest issue I had was the screen protector. It just felt weird. There always seemed to be crap stuck underneath it. So I pulled out the screen protector and applied a tempered glass screen protector (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OUHRXB8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00). What a difference! I love this screen protector. It works great with my case and is so nice and smooth. It feels like the glass of the screen. The best part is I received it at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Perfect, right.

How does hubby feel about this deal? Well, it works for him. He has a better phone than he had previously, and I am happy, so what’s to complain about.

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Happy Father’s Day

Today we celebrate our fathers. I get to celebrate so many amazing men in my life. My dad, Harold, who has been there for me for as long as I can remember. He married my mom when I was 3. He is truly my dad, the one who raised me. My dear husband, who is the most amazing father to our children. Brent, you are the most awesome guy and so perfect. You are a patient and wonderful daddy. I also wish my father-in-law a very happy Father’s Day as well.

We are in Montana for the 24th Annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Match. I get to spend the day with my hubby and my dad and we will be shooting in the competition-so it should be fun, right?

For my dad, we are going fishing for lake trout in Lake Nipigon come August. For my dear hubby, that will be his birthday present, so today I gave him a tactical pen. It is pretty sweet, plus in a pinch it can be used for self defense. You see he travels for work and can’t have his knife with him, so he carries a tactical (read that as uber freaking bright) flashlight and now a tactical pen.

This is the pen we got him:


It is really cool, writes great and he loves it. I ordered it from Amazon. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KB2VI58?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00)

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!

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Jamaica part 2

After a good night rest we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast (included with our room) at Tingalaya’s Retreat. Before long it was time for us to head off on our excursion. We decided that we would spend one day doing the tourist stuff and planned a fun filled tour day. We scheduled this before we left home and planned to have Rocky’s do the driving. Our driver was prompt and courteous. We started off by heading out of Negril toward Savannah la Mar on our way to Appleton Estates. The countryside of Jamaica is like nothing I have ever seen. The best word I can think of to describe it is Lush.

Once at Appleton, our driver handled getting us set up for the tour. We were show to the bar where they started giving us rum punch to drink (yes, at 10 a.m.).


It was awesome. After 3 or 4 glasses we were heading on our tour. It was very interesting to see how the rum is made and all of the processes. At the end of the tour we were able to sample 8 different types of rum and rum products. Yum!

IMG_5376Next up was YS Falls. What an amazing place! Once again our driver handled everything for us. We boarded a farm wagon and headed from the gates to the falls. Once at the falls (and pools) we were encouraged to head up the stairs to the top. One of the many folks who worked at YS took us to the top and used my camera to take some stunning photos of us. On our way back down, we both used the rope swing. He even took a video of us. Of course this would be the day I wore my new bikini. I actually ordered it from Ebay…and LOVE it!


After eating lunch, we headed to the Pelican Bar. Another truly unique Jamaican experience. We took a boat out to the bar. It is built out of driftwood on a sand bar. It was great. We enjoyed a beverage and watching the sting rays swim by. After a while we decided that if we stayed any longer we would be fried to a crisp, so we flagged down our boat and headed back to where our driver awaited.


It was about 2 hours back to Tingalaya’s. Once back, it was nap time (do you sense a theme?).

After we woke up, we headed to 3 Dives for some awesome jerk chicken and grilled lobster. We had Maria call us a taxi. The safest way to get where we needed to be.

On Saturday, we spent the morning relaxing, swimming and just hanging out. Saturday we went to lunch at the Canoe Bar and then headed to the grocery store. After having a couple of cocktails with lunch, we ended up forgetting about buying snacks and instead got rum and ingredients for rum punch.


About 4:00 our driver arrived to take us to Zimbali Retreat for dinner. I highly recommend this. The drive was, well interesting. The farm tour was very awesome, like nothing we have ever seen. Dinner was amazing. The food was excellent and the chefs put on a great show.


Sunday we spent snorkeling and just plain relaxing. We did a yoga class in the morning. While snorkeling we saw a sea turtle, it was awesome!

Monday it was time to head home.

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Jamaica-getting there

Back in February, my hubby and I went to Jamaica for a long weekend. It was divine. We stayed at an amazing boutique hotel called Tingalaya’s Retreat in Negril. It was more amazing that I can even describe.

Let me back up…

We left the cold of Minnesota behind late on the Wed night before Valentine’s Day. We were flying a red eye to Ft. Lauderdale then changing planes to head to Montego Bay. The red eye was a new experience for both of us, but hey, it got us to Jamaica a day quicker. We flew Spirit airlines. I know, I heard all the horror stories. Our experience was nothing but awesome. Our flight was 30 min late leaving MSP due to a medical emergency in the gate area, but that is certainly out of the control of Spirit. The pilot was funny and to the point. Yes, you have to pay for everything, but if you did your research (as we did) you know that going in and are prepared.

Ft. Lauderdale airport sucks. We had to leave the terminal and walk to the next one over and go through security again (already played that game at MSP). No big deal really, just an inconvenience, but hey we had 4 hours to burn. The flight to Montego Bay was beautiful. The blue of the Caribbean is always a welcome sight.

We splurged and paid for Club Mobay , $50 each and worth every single penny. We were met at the gate by a Club Mobay employee who escorted us around the main customs line to the VIP line. He walked us through customs and explained the process. Once we were processed into Jamaica, we headed to the Club Mobay Lounge where we were handed lemongrass towels and a cold beverage. Hubby had a Red Strip and I enjoyed a rum punch.

We prearranged our airport transportation with Rocky’s Tours. Our driver was waiting at the airport when we arrived. Once loaded into the van we were on our way, a quick stop later and we were relaxing with an ice cold Red Stripe while we cruised along the coast toward Negril. Our driver was phenomenal! He gave us an awesome history of the area as well as helped us to understand many of the cultural differences we were going to experience while we were on the island. We do not enjoy in Jamaica, we full-joy!

Once at Tingalaya’s we were greeted by Jube, the care taker who showed us to our cottage. That’s right, we had a cottage all to ourselves! We rented the Sea Grape cottage. It was amazing. We were exhausted so after a tour of the grounds and the gardens, we took a nap. We enjoyed a delicious dinner cooked by Maria along with a lovely bottle of wine. It was a perfect way to begin our Jamaican vacation.

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Frugal Friday week 3





I know, I know, I know. I am a slacker and late getting this post up. But you have to check out my amazing Thrift Store find from last week. I promise, I will try really hard to put another Frugal Friday post up tomorrow.

Last week, I stopped at Goodwill looking for a pair of jeans for myself. I did find some great ones for only 6.99. But the true deal was this set of hunting gear. DH is a hunter and so is my little bug. Blaze Orange hunting gear can get expensive, really quickly. I found this jacket and pants, the soft touch-doesn’t make much noise, for only $15 per piece. An excellent price for some good quality hunting gear!

I wonder what I will find this week???


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Frugal Friday..week 2

Last week I shared some great thrift store finds. This week, I wanted to share a clearance deal I couldn’t pass up. Christmas merchandise went 75% off. This is my favorite time of year to buy wrapping supplies (not all are Christmas themed). Take for instance these rolls of ribbon…who says you can’t use red and blue all year long? And at $.61 each for 300 feel, you can be certain I will be using it!


I also took advantage of the sales to buy some Christmas items for next year, namely new stockings…we are due! At only 1.99 each, I am thrilled. I want to make homemade ones, but these will work as a back up if I don’t get them done. Plus, if I do make homemade ones, I can use these as a unique gift wrap.


I am hoping to make a Christmas table runner (or several and use them as gifts). Walmart has awesome savings on their holiday fabric, so I took advantage. Before you judge, the most expensive was $1.11 per yard!


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As I posted yesterday, I decided to do a 30 day Plank challenge. I started with doing 1 min, it was tough, but okay. Last night I did 1 min, 30 seconds. Wow! who would think another 30 seconds would be so hard??? But, I did it. I can actually feel that in my abs today! Crazy, huh? Here is the pin for the plank calendar I am using.

In addition to the plank challenge, I am doing a 30 day Wall Sit challenge. Yesterday was 10 seconds…easy peasy lemon squeezy. Today will be 20 seconds.  Here is the pin for the wall sit calendar. By the end of the 30 days…I will be doing 5 min…300 seconds. Wowza! I am sure I will be feeling it.

I am timing using the stop watch feature on my iPhone. So far, it seems to work okay.

Here’s to getting healthier in the new year. Are you on board?


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