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Weekend Recap

It’s Monday. How was your weekend? Mine was busy, hectic and a little bit crazy. I spent Friday in a horribly dry and boring continuing education class…a day of statistics isn’t my idea of a good time. Friday night we … Continue reading

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Off the Wagon

On Friday, I fell off the gluten free wagon. I had pizza, and donuts and croutons…It was wonderful! As you may remember I have been avoiding gluten for about a month because of some food sensitivity testing I had done. … Continue reading

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Sushi Night

On Friday, we had a fantastic sushi night with our friends M&M. Let me explain. We LOVE sushi, all of us, even the kiddos…maybe that should be especially the kiddos. Going out for sushi is always a special treat, I … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Last nights dinner was disappointing at best. Sure it looks yummy, but it was only okay. Nothing spectacular and certainly nothing to write home (or blog) about. The parsnips had a funky taste, but the sweet potatoes were good. The … Continue reading

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Corn Pasta

I have been successfully gluten/wheat free for almost 3 weeks. I am feeling great! I don’t know yet if it is the food changes, the no caffeine (though I did have a little yesterday) or still from physical therapy. I … Continue reading

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Adventures in Pancakes

My family LOVES pancakes. With the no wheat restriction in full force, there are some options. When you add in no eggs, the pickings are slim. Today I am trying to combine a couple of different recipes. Version 1: (Paleo) … Continue reading

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